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Archaeologists find home from the time of Jesus in Nazareth

Israeli archaeologists revealed in December 21, 2009 who found the remains of the first residence found in the northern city of Nazareth, which may be from the time of Jesus Christ.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the discovery provides more data on what life was like in the city of Nazareth about 2,000 years ago.

The house was probably part of a small settlement with about 50 households inhabited by poor Jews.

A spokeswoman for the Israeli Antiquities Authority, Yardenna Alexandre, said the remains of a wall, a rainwater cistern and a refuge were found after the discovery of an old convent's courtyard.
According to Alexander, archaeologists also found clay pots, the kind used by the residents of Galilee (what is now northern Israel) at the time, an indication that the house belonged to a simple Jewish family.
The spokesman in an interview states that "it is likely that Jesus and his childhood friends knew the house."
"From the limited written evidence available, we know that the first-century Nazareth of the Christian era was a small Jewish village located in a valley," Alexander said, adding that so far "few graves from the time of Jesus were found, but we never found the remains of residences of that time ".
A well has also been found, and archaeologists estimate that it was built as part of the Jewish preparations for the Great Revolt against the Romans between AD 66 and 73.
Source: UOL